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Fall Reunion October 28, 2023

November 15,2023:

Scottish Rite Honors and Learning Center Recognition Dinner was held Nov 15th 2023.  Teachers, Donors, and staff were recognized.  Former Texas House Speaker Pete Laney was presented the Grand Cross Award.  Ernie Gandy received his 33 degree IGH.  Rolan Pirtle received his KCCH.  Lamar Hays was also recognized for his KCCH though not present.  Robert Bellah and Rick Prichard were presented with 50 year membership caps.  Doug Maxey, Steve Cross, and Larry Massingill were recognized for their long time committment to the Lubbock Scottish Rite.  A good time was had by all present and the food was outstanding.

Venable Master Ernie Gandy

Personal Representative Steve Cross

Olive Hester

SGIG Michael Wiggins

KCCH Larry Massingill 

Rolan Pirtle was honored with his KCCH by Steve

Brother Pete Laney, former Texas Speaker of the House

Rick Prichard honored for 50 year membership

Robert Bellah receiving his 50 year membership pin

Doug Maxey receiving Dedicated Service Award<br />

Doug Maxey receiving the SR Dedication Award